We have successfully completed 3 of the 4 planned trips for 2023. They have gone very well, and we are now starting to prep for the 2024 season. Please be on the look out for the Team Leader sign up and then the membership call out to enroll. We have many of our regular ground crews preparing for us to return.

We are revising our protocols to reflect the current conditions. Some countries are still more cautionary but we are anticipating that by 2024 all protocols will be back to normal.

Volunteer Training Videos

Kindness in Action Dental Volunteer Videos

All Kindness in Action volunteers going on a trip should view the following training videos explaining sterilization techniques, and equipment set up, trouble shooting and packing.

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Never Been? Watch This!

Kindness in Action Dentistry Volunteer Expectations

Thinking about going on a Kindness in Action trip? Please watch this first!

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Where We Work

Countries Where Kindness in Action Dental Brigade Volunteers Work

We work in under-privileged countries all around the world.

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Kindness in Action Dental Brigade Volunteer Experiences

Read about the experiences of some of our volunteers while in Central America.

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